1969 - SANTANA explodes on to the music scene at the most famous concert of all-time... WOODSTOCK.  Their incendiary set not only exposed the world to the power of percussion and blues based Latin-Rock Fusion and featured amazing guitar work by Carlos Santana, solidifying his place as future rock guitar hero but also included a famously incredible drum solo by a then teen-aged Michael Schrieve, captured by the Woodstock film which would make the song SOUL SACRIFICE a crowd favorite forever. 


1968 - 71

Santana was one of the most heralded bands from the late 60s San Francisco sound and as such were a mainstay at Bill Graham's famous FILLMORE WEST where they played a series of historical shows between 1968-1971 including having the honor of headlining on the closing final night. 



Santana was no stranger to NYC's FILLMORE EAST or other Bill Graham bookings like the famous TANGLEWOOD CONCERT in BOSTON 1970. 



The start of 1972 marked a pivotal point for SANTANA as Carlos collaborated LIVE for the first time with the legendary BUDDY MILES who became a member of the band for a time and at Hawaii's Sunshine Festival, teen-aged guitar phenom NEAL SCHON played one of his last shows with SANTANA before moving on with keyboardist, GREG ROLIE to form JOURNEY where he would become the guitar hero of one of the most popular bands in the world in the 80s. 



SANTANA was tabbed to play the prestigious GHANA Independence Celebration Concert in 1971.

It was filmed for history in the SOUL 2 SOUL DVD which included sets by music legends like: Wilson Pickett, Ike and Teena Turner and the Staple Sisters.  The historic Santana set here is said to have helped influence the burgoening AFRO-BEAT music that was gaining popularity on the continent. 

Rock and Roll HOF

& 2016 RE-UNION

It is very rare that famous bands get back together for the art and not the money but that's what happened in 2016 when original members from the SANTANA III album (Carlos Santana, Greg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Schrieve & Michael Carabello) got back together to record SANTANA IV and it's companion HOUSE of BLUES LIVE album.  In 1972, at their first commercial peak, Greg Rolie and Neal Schon left to form the massive pop rock success, JOURNEY, while  Carlos Santana decided to pursue a more jazz instrumental influenced sound. Both moves proved correct as both bands became ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Members and both Carlos Santana and Neal Schon are praised as 2 of the greatest guitarists of all-time!  However, almost 50 years later, they felt there was some unfinished artistic business from 72 and SANTANA IV picks up right where they left off with incredible LATIN- BLUES ROCK-RYTHMIC FUSION sound influenced songs.  LEGENDS!  

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